Medicine Lodge

The City of Medicine Lodge provides water, sewer, and contracts with Nisly Brother’s Inc, for trash service. You can sign up for service at City Hall, located at 114 W. First Ave. Medicine Lodge. You can also call (620) 886-3908 to make arrangements to have a service work order form faxed, e mailed or mailed to you.

Before service can be connected you must complete a work order, pay a $50.00 connection fee and if you are renting the property, a copy of your lease will be needed.

Trash dumpsters and curbside recycling are provided by Nisly Brother’s Inc. There should be a green trash dumpster and a tan recycle dumpster at every property. If not please call City Hall.

Gas service in Medicine Lodge is provided by Kansas Gas Service: (800) 794-4780.

Electric service is provided by Southern Pioneer Electric: (620) 886-5100, office located at 113 N Main, Medicine Lodge.

Local cable, internet, and phone service is provided by:
Allegiance Communications: (800) 937-1397
Cyberlodge: (620) 886-5654
SCTelcom: (620) 930-1000


The City of Kiowa Utilities operates the following services:   electric, water, sewer and trash services.  New residents sign up for services at the City Offices 618 Main. (620) 825-4127.

For electrical outages after hours call 580-596-3333 or 888-736-3837

Telephone services are provided by SCTelcom 717 Main (620) 825-1001

Gas service is provided by Kansas Gas Service 1-800-794-4780